Value Selling Support

Blue Mesa Consulting | Value Selling Support

It is not hard to express what value selling is and why it is important. If you are able to convey the financial value of your solutions in customer environments you may expect higher close rates, larger deals, and expedited sales cycles. And customers benefit from improved transparency and awareness of financial impact.

What is hard is building a strategy and gathering experienced resources to do this critical task. 

At Blue Mesa Consulting we have learned from decades of practical experience, and bring to our clients critical best practices that bring the best results. Those best practices include focusing on transparent and flexible Excel-based financial models, depicting various financial scenarios to convey a range of potential impact, an emphasis on clean and professional documentation, and above all, a willingness to listen to specific customer needs. We say it often: the most important skill for effective value selling is being a good listener.

At BMC, we build both opportunity-specific ROIs to support sales and re-usable financial models in Excel and online. Our clients tend to retain our services year after year for the quality of our work and our documented results.

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