Vendor Finance Programs

Blue Mesa Consulting | Vendor Finance Programs

The fundamentals of effective vendor finance programs has been consistent for decades. For technology vendors, offering a range of flexible payment options to your customers makes it far more likely that they can acquire your solution in a manner that meets their budget requirements. We have learned over decades of experience that many deals that would have been otherwise been lost can instead be rescued by providing financial terms that meet the needs of all parties.

However, the business of vendor finance has gotten considerably more challenging in recent years. With the advent of subscription and consumption-based licensing and pricing, and with an increase in accounting nuances, there’s an increased need for specialists who can provide the insight and experience to structure deals in a productive and acceptable way.

At BMC, we leverage our longstanding relationships with a wide range of funders to structure deals in a way that all parties can accept. With a turnkey vendor finance program from BMC, vendors may avoid resorting to deep discounts, carrying debt on their balance sheet, and a large administrative burden. Customers get the payment flexibility they need, while vendors enjoy accelerated sales, bigger deals, and reduce DSO in both direct sales and in the channel.

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